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Obama, “…he got a fair amount done in his first two years,” – James Landers

By James Landers of Saint Petersburg, Florida. James is a serial entrepreneur responsible for multiple successful ventures and is the co-founder of The Principle Institute.

James Landers Tampa

Says Kevin Drum at Mother Jones on Tuesday. Ezra Klien, quoted in the prior article, also says this of Obama in Tuesdays Washington Post, “It’s true that the first two years of the Obama administration were the most productive since the Great Society.”

A more ignorant thing could not be uttered. Merriam-Webster defines the adjective “ignorant” as “lacking knowledge or comprehension” and “unaware, uninformed”, where the root is “ignore”.

So let us all just ignore the facts on Obama’s first two years in office. He started by “closing” GITMO. He ran out to the world and gave an apology tour. While defending a black Harvard professor, who just so happened to be a good friend, Obama lambasted an officer—doing his job—for “acting stupidly” and then had to waste my tax dollars on a few beers to make up for the whole deal. Cash-for-clunkers flopped. And then, his signature achievement was railroaded through the House, after midnight, without debate, without review of the actual bill and with an opaqueness that defines Obama (even after two auto-biographies) trillions of dollars were thrown at a program that fomented the Tea Party.

That was year one.

Obama then paraded about, both Houses of Congress firmly in his pocket, and talked of such things as, getting in the back seat-to all Republicans. He shouted—“We won the election.” Seriously though, Obama went into a room full of Republicans and demanded their acquiescence to all of his whims because he won 28 states. Hardly a mandate. Then in November of 2010, Obama led his party to complete and utter ruin by losing the House in landslide fashion and nearly throwing the Senate away as well. Oh, but, wait, wasn’t the 2011 budget supposed to be passed in 2010? Didn’t the Democrats hold the trifecta back then? So, uhhhhhhh, where was Obama on that?

That was year two.

WOW, WOW, WOWWWWWWWWWW. I love liberal progress. Did Ezra Klien really say Obama had the most done in two years since the Great Society? Because my article “Liberal Social Engineering—Abject Failure” reveals how the Great Society really impacted this country. Maybe Ezra needs to read it.

So, after the apologizing and the lambasting of Republicans and calling beat officers stupid and laying down in front of an Arab king to shake his hand and after not closing GITMO and after not passing budgets and after losing the House, what did Obama really DO his first two years?