Funny thing watching blue bloods hounding breathlessly about this issue and that. Take for instance Wisconsin, Republican majorities in both houses and a new Republican Governor, all duly elected in November. Change, oh yes. A spectacled panoply of riotous teachers, bus drivers, trash collectors, and everyday Union-istas from various proximal states descended with fury upon the capitol of Wisconsin, accompanied by the mainstream media and a host of minors from various teachers (taking the day or week off) classrooms. With their own legislators having scampered across state lines to avoid having to do their jobs, these savage Union members broke into the capitol building and set up camp in order to shut down the government all the while leaving their trash and signs behind and defacing public property by writing their clever little sayings on the marble walls. So, they claimed this was democracy.

Then, these savages wrapped their arms around the Supreme Court Chief Justice election. They had changed their sights onto a reasonable, if not ridiculous, plot to legislate from the bench. And their willing participant rose to the task exclaiming how unbiased she was and how unfair the Republicans were being. So, they claimed this was democracy.

The election lost, these badgers moods soured even further and the final act for these wretched souls, they determined, is to try recalling everyone they don’t like. Except, they have to wait at least a year from an elected officials election to start the recall and guess what, most of these Republican legislators and Walker are newly elected. Bitter, angry, and dumbfounded (as usual) these scags have crawled out of sight for now. And, when they crawl out from under their collectively bargained for rocks and slow the pace of government again all the while spending their dues on another election that was just had a year earlier, they will call that democracy.

Take the negotiations on the 2011 budget last week. Liberals were so incensed that any monies were being “cut” that they were promoting a plan to go to Speaker Boehner’s house and dump trash all over it, they called Republicans “baby killers” because other countries ruled by warlords and dictators won’t pay for their own malaria medicine, they called Republicans eco-fascists because they wanted to cut EPA climate change rules—go figure, who wants to pay $1,900 TRILLION dollars to reduce the global temperature by 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100 (EPA’s own numbers), those among many other foul and absurd actions and remarks, liberals breathlessly move from one sacred issue to the next.

In this breathlessness they forget that they are supposed to be eco-friendly, they forget decorum and respect, and their brains freeze into a collective where rational thought and reason are lost. Some liberals in Chicago claimed they were very patriotic, while holding communist party flags with the Statue of Liberty emblazoned upon it. Upon being questioned these rubes could not fathom the inherent contradiction they apparently live.

This is DemoKracy.


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